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Insurance Claims

Dedicated Brokers to Handle Your Insurance Claims

When you work with Dyck Insurance, a dedicated broker is assigned directly to you. If you need to file a claim, you will receive prompt and efficient service from a broker that is familiar with your policy, saving you time and frustration. Dyck Insurance will do everything we can to get your claim resolved in a timely manner.

In the event that you need to file a claim after hours, we have provided emergency claim numbers for our trusted insurers on this page. We have also provided website links – just click on the company logos.

Emergency Claims Numbers:

AMI Autoglass Maintenance Inc.
AMI Autoglass Maintenance Inc. 1-800-416-4082
Aviva Insurance Company
Aviva Insurance Company 1-866-692-8482
Aviva Elite Insurance
Aviva Elite Insurance 1-866-692-8482
Canadian Farm Insurance Corp.
Canadian Farm Insurance Corp. 1-780-733-7720
DAS Canada
DAS Canada 1-877-832-7534
Echelon® General Insurance
Echelon® General Insurance 1-866-252-2854 (press #1)
Economical® Insurance Group
Economical® Insurance Group 1-800-607-2424
Equine Insurance Underwriters Ltd. 1-604-293-1531
Hagerty® Canada, LLC
Hagerty® Canada, LLC 1-800-747-5348
Intact Insurance
Intact Insurance 1-866-464-2424
Lloyd’s 1-416-360-1512
Nordic Insurance Company Nordic Insurance Company 1-877-677-3423
       Novex Insurance Company 1-866-464-2424
OneNwon Inc.
OneNwon Inc. 1-877-433-0836
Peace Hills General Insurance
Peace Hills General Insurance 1-800-369-4053
Pembridge Insurance
Pembridge Insurance 1-800-661-1577
Premier Marine
Premier Marine 1-604-669-5211
ports-Can Insurance Broker
Sports-Can Insurance Broker 1-888-519-3442

Traveler's Insurance 1-403-990-1072
1-800-625-7891 (Northern AB)
1-800-372-9212 (Southern AB)
Wawanesa Insurance
Wawanesa Insurance 1-800-625-7891
Western General Inc.
Western General Inc. 1-403-250-9118


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