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Edmonton Condo Insurance Policies Suited to You

There is more to condo insurance than you might think and it is important to find out a few details before calling.

Bare Land vs Standard Condo Coverage

Know what type of condo you are purchasing. A standard or conventional condo is the most common type of condo and it typically refers to a unit that is located within a building. The boundaries are identified by referring to floors, walls, and ceilings, and condo owners have full ownership of everything inside the unit.

A bare land condo unit is a plot of land and owners have full ownership of everything within the unit’s land boundaries which may include a house, garage, trees, and shrubs. Bare land condos require insurance coverage similar to a homeowner’s insurance policy with additional protection for common property.  If you are unsure what type of condo you own, ask your condo board, property manager, or realtor.

Condo Unit Improvement Coverage

Unit improvements or betterments are anything installed, put down, or upgraded by a unit-owner (eg: higher grade carpeting, wood or tile floors, shelving, upgraded kitchens, and bathrooms, or wall coverings). This coverage is included in your standard condo owner’s policy, but the limits vary between companies. If you are unsure about the original construction details of your condo unit, speak with your condo board or property manager to help you determine the value of your improvements.

Loss Assessment Protection Insurance 

If you own a condo, you could be assessed a portion of the cost to repair common elements or you could be assessed a portion of the deductible from the Condo Corporations policy. Unit owner’s condo policies include this coverage but each insurer has different limits and amounts available. Ask your Condo Board about the deductible in their insurance policy and about what common elements could be exposed to a loss and a subsequent loss assessment.

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