Alberta Farm Insurance Coverage

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Insurance Policies Suited to Your Farm

Our Alberta insurance agency can provide farm insurance packages that will include coverage for dwelling(s), personal contents, and liability protection. Farm insurance for Alberta’s farm buildings, tools, equipment, and livestock requires special schedules or riders to be covered. Our office can provide farm insurance coverage in Edmonton, Alberta for a variety of farming operations, including:

  • Dairy cattle
  • Beef cattle
  • Poultry
  • Hobby farms
  • Horses
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Hogs

At Dyck Insurance Agency in Alberta, we will work with you to provide an insurance package that is best suited for your farm’s operations to ensure that you are protected from liabilities and that your personal contents are safeguarded. We understand that a hobby farm has very different needs compared to a large commercial farm, and that hog farmers have different requirements from a dairy farm. Disaster can manifest differently for each kind of farm, so get personalized insurance coverage for your Alberta farm now, before it is too late.

If you are living in Edmonton or the Alberta region and require farm insurance coverage, our dedicated insurance agents at Dyck Insurance Agency are ready to assist you.

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Protect Your Property With Alberta Farm Insurance

Your Alberta family farm isn’t just your source of income – it’s your home. That’s why farmers from all over Alberta understand the risks of sudden, extreme weather conditions, such as hail, lightning, gale winds, wildfires, tornados, and the detrimental effect they can have on your Alberta farm. This province gets more than its fair share of severe weather, and with climate change being an ever-growing concern, it’s in the best interest of all Alberta farmers to expect the unexpected. By using our insurance services, you gain peace of mind to know that whatever happens, your home and livelihood will be protected.

We don’t just cover extreme weather; illness, crop failure, and accidents are all part of our coverage. Whether you board horses or have a u-pick vegetable farm, farming has unique risks, so let Dyck Insurance find you the right farm insurance package that protects your way of life.

Our Insurance Agents Will Be With You Every Step of the Way

We can help you prepare your farm for devastating, and inevitable acts of nature by providing you with Edmonton insurance packages that will bestow you with the coverage you need for true peace of mind. Your farm insurance policy will also give you coverage for liability if someone gets injured while on the job or visiting your farm. Our policies cover your farm equipment and machinery, structures, livestock, crops, and most importantly, your home.

Yet insurance isn’t just for unforeseen disasters. From breeding your animals to processing your products for distribution, your farm relies on a complex mix of equipment and people. That’s why it is prudent to invest in a comprehensive insurance policy to address the common challenges, concerns, and demands that are an everyday occurrence for farmers across Alberta.

Your Farm Insurance Coverage Comes First

With 26 agents spanning over three locations, Dyck Insurance works for you. Farming is an essential service that needs to be protected in Alberta, and we understand this. Our office provides farm insurance coverage in Edmonton for a wide range of farming operations like dairy and beef cattle, poultry, hobby farm, horses, goats, sheep, and hogs.

Let us help you find the coverage you need to protect not just your livestock and buildings, but your computer systems and specialty equipment as well. We can also offer coverage for side businesses such as hayrides and hosting guests at your farm. The level of protection you need depends on exactly how you operate, and our dedicated insurance agents are here to tailor an insurance plan that will fit your needs.

We know that the weather in Alberta can be unpredictable, and you need an experienced insurance provider that is flexible enough to cover your farm despite the outdoor conditions. We provide our clients with expert insurance that ensures all their needs are covered. We work with you and for you, to create a premium that you’ll love and be satisfied with.

Choose Dyck Insurance for Personalized Service 

Insurance can be complicated, but it doesn't have to be. From agriculture insurance to seed insurance, we have plans for everything. With over 30 years of providing expert insurance advice and products, Dyck Insurance has the knowledge and expertise you need to safeguard your home and livelihood. You gain the partnership of a family-owned business that knows what it’s like to operate a farm in Alberta. 

Our insurance brokerage was founded in 1979 by Frank Dyck, a retired RCMP staff sergeant and former mayor for the city of Wetaskiwin. We are, and will always be, contributing members of our communities. So by choosing Dyck Insurance for your farm insurance in Alberta, you gain more than just a business relationship — you gain personalized, life-long service for as long as your farm is in operation.

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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at any of our three locations: Wetaskiwin, Thorsby, or Calmar. Schedule your consultation with a broker to talk about your farm insurance policy and receive a free quote. Call or email us today! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Get to Know Your Farm Insurance Broker

Our dedicated Alberta brokers work flexible hours and will get to know you on a first-name business. Dyck Insurance Agency believes you deserve personalized service on something as important as your farm insurance coverage. We look forward to serving you from our Alberta offices in Wetaskiwin, Thorsby and Calmar. We also operate a motor vehicle registry office in Thorsby.

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In order to ensure that we provide our clients with the best insurance package or insurance coverage for their farm, our brokers will discuss what specific coverage you need for the following: buildings and possessions, farm equipment, farm income, livestock, and assorted machinery. This makes sure that the Alberta insurance coverage we offer covers and provides protection to the client’s individual needs for their property.

Our insurance brokers will generally ask for the year, make, model, serial number, current and retail value (including any applicable taxes), as well as information on previous owners/lienholders/lessors if your machinery or equipment has been financed or leased. For more information about how to add your machinery and farming equipment to your policy, be sure to contact us today and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

Hobby farms are operated on a much smaller scale as opposed to their commercial counterparts. The land is most often residential in nature but may include raising livestock for recreational purposes. Even though they are mainly utilized for pleasure, having insurance coverage could prove beneficial to you. At Dyck Insurance, we offer insurance policies for hobby farms in Alberta. Consult with one of our insurance brokers today to see if you are eligible for any of our farm insurance packages.

You can purchase insurance coverage for your farm at any time throughout the year, but it is recommended to set your renewal date during the off-season of your farm. This is so you have the proper amount of time to review and think about your current insurance policy and coverage.

Purchasing an insurance policy for your farm, especially if you’re a full-time farmer, offers many advantages and benefits. Since farming is a business that is oftentimes susceptible to the elements and unforeseen events, it is necessary to ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage that you can rely on as a safety net and not lose everything. Insurance also offers protection if an injury ever were to occur on your farm or property. You can also customize your insurance policy to protect specific parts of your business that are not necessarily covered in the basic insurance coverage, such as machinery, equipment, livestock, and buildings on the property. Contact the experts at Dyck Insurance today for personalized insurance services and get an insurance quote that suits your specific farm business.

Yes! Insurance coverage for buildings on the property and their contents is offered and requires special schedules or riders to be covered. At Dyck Insurance, we can provide you with an insurance package that will benefit you most and is suited to your farm’s operations. We want to ensure that your business, property, and personal contents are safe, no matter what unforeseen event may happen.